Tuesday, November 22, 2011


One of the symbols for God throughout history has been a triangle. The 3 points, the 3 sides in one have deep connections.  The shape has been used since ancient times for God.  Often it's a triangle pointing downwards.  It symbolizes God's reach down to man.

Often, an upwards pointing triangle symbolizes man reaching up to God.  If you interlock the downward and upward facing triangle you get The Star of David.

I've made it a point since reading a book about the geometric truths all round us to notice them, especially the symbols in my daily life.  Today I noticed the triangle that is the yield sign.  It happens to be a downward facing triangle and it means to give way to another.  If one pauses at a yield sign they are yielding "the right of way".

I realize it's a traffic sign, intended to keep the road safe, but for a second I enjoyed thinking about additional symbols of such a common everyday object.

The scriptures say we must "yield" to God (Rom 6:13) (Rom 6:16).  Yield to the enticings of the Holy Spirit (Mosiah 3:19).  The yield sign on the road is a downward pointing triangle.  The symbol fits in more than one way.  We're supposed to yield to "the right way of God (or right "of" way).  Which "yields" (using the other definition of the word) all sorts of good things.  So we're supposed to yield to God and our yield (what we produce) goes to God's glory. (Mark 4:7-8)    

When we yield to God.....it's always a good thing, (Rom 6:16).  I think so anyway.  I've never regretted when I yielded to a prompting from God.  Regret to me sounds like the state one would be in having not recognized and not yielded to God. Unless of course, they repent which is always possible for any of us.  


  1. NEAT! Now Mr. Handsome...tell me about the STOP sign :)

  2. haha, kels you make me laugh. Well ok then, next post will be about the stop sign. :)