Thursday, November 10, 2011

Attitude towards leaders

I found this from the George Albert Smith manual appropriate regarding our attitude towards our leaders.  Page 63. 

"We would do well if we would magnify and honor these men he has placed at our head.  They are men with human frailties, they will make mistakes, but if we will be as charitable to the mistakes they make as we are to our own failures and mistakes, we will see their virtues as we see our own."

"If we will be as charitable to the mistakes that they make as we are to our own failures..." 

I liked that thought.  None of us are worthy without Christ, and none of us are without mistake.  No matter what our calling.  That's why we are invited to rely on the Holy Ghost and follow Jesus Christ, not just men. But as George says, we do well to show charity towards those who are called to lead who are human like any of us.  I don't read the part that says "honor them" as in we should worship or celebritize those called to lead.  To me that would be a mistake and be idolatry.  I do read it to mean that we show charity, and sustain and pray for them.  If they speak by the Holy Ghost, we follow those promptings.  And when those moments occur we are following the Spirit, not just a man.  But it is up to us to distinguish those moments from the rest.

I like the idea of mirroring the heavens.  The heavens send rain upon the just and the unjust.   

So I read that statement to mean we should look to heaven, and then as "Da Jesus Book" (Bible in the vernacular of the Island people) says:  "Go, make li dat".

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