About Me

My name is Taylor.  My family and I currently live in Utah.  I work in the I.T. field.  I'm currently an active member of the LDS church. This blog is an online journal where I write about The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It's part of my own repentance process as I seek light from God and to leave behind errors.  The blog is an outgrowth, testimony, and result of a search that began many many years ago and started to bear fruit in the fall of 2006.  The site is largely for me, and when first started was only for a few close family members and friends.  Others are welcome to read in the event you find something of value.  I allow comments whether or not I agree with them.  Any are free to comment, just be polite.   

So much has happened since 2006 and when I first started writing in 2008.  It's been nice to document my learning and study as the years have gone on.   

I believe the restoration of Christ's Gospel was 
intended to once again connect man with God, not just connect him/her to an institution or a religious church leader to follow. My experiences are of course personal, however they motivate me to share the good news of Christ and point to Him.  While I'm an ordinary person I have found the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be extraordinary.  It is Good News.