Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A&C Series - Cry Peace. Proclaim my Words

Cry peace. Proclaim my words. Invite those who will repent to be baptized and forgiven, and they shall obtain my Spirit to guide them.
A&C page 9

These are things we're supposed to do.  We are to proclaim the Lord's words.  I don't think this always has to be verbal.  Our example, and actions often speak louder anyway. But a few verses later it says to open our mouths.  So it’s on the person to have the Spirit to put the right words at the right time to the right audience.

We are to cry peace.  The Lord's words bring peace to those who follow them.  That's why we are to cry peace.  Cry implies heartfelt petition.  Doesn't say "mutter" peace or scream it, or smother people with it.  Says to "cry" peace.  Cry implies humility, meekness, and an absence of control, coercion and fear.  

Friday, February 16, 2018

A&C Series - Let your fears depart from you

In the world tares are ripening. And so I ask you, What of the wheat? Let your pride, and your envy, and your fears depart from you.
A&C Pg 9. 

"The happiest people are those who live without fear.  Fear is the opposite of faith and hope. Fear, anger, and selfishness are Satan's count to faith, hope, and charity.  You cannot be happy when your life is influenced by fear anger and selfishness".  - Eighteen Verses Pg 312

Unfortunately fear is something we sometimes inflict upon each other.  We're scarred, and have to guard against others, why? Because we've all been injured at one point or another in our life.  So we guard against it.  And what does that guarding look like?  It looks like disagreement, avoidance, yelling, fighting, name calling, digging in heals.  To name a few.  It is often fear that is driving it.  If we were not afraid, we would not be driven to those types of reactions.

Lets consider what will happen if we don't let fear depart from us.  (not to mention pride and envy).  Just dealing with fear.  If we don't let it depart, it will control and drive many of our interactions.  We will end up injuring other people because of our own internal fears.  Because fear causes us to do things in emotional and psychological self defense that can be harmful to others. 

Suppose you had to write a statement of principles as part of a large group.  But you were afraid of doing it wrong.  Afraid of taking too long.  Afraid of other peoples ideas because their ideas may not be good enough, or that their ideas would harm or damn you if implemented.  Or afraid that their statements would lead to abuse, or lead to a repeat of other institutions failures.  Fear can drive, or love can drive.  But the two are not always easily distinguishable.

What happens if these fears don't depart?  The fear may lead to the very thing that's feared.  The fear will drive disagreements, disputes and contention.  By people who are probably not even wanting to engage in those things.  But they inadvertently do because of an underlying fear, distrust, and brokenness.  Fear is the opposite of faith.  Fear causes us to sometimes take an over-responsibility for things.  Because we fear what will happen if we don't.  Which, in Godly undertakings, could be attributed to an absence of faith,  or a heart of unbelief. 

Love is the antidote to fear.  Love does not control, nor need to be controlled.  A healthy fear can keep you from bodily harm, or prevent you from dangerous situations.  That's not the fear I'm talking about.

Love is the answer.  Christ is the answer.  We need to take our broken selves, recognize our fear, and the things it drives us to do, and get relief from these fears from a God who has overcome all fear.  In his love, then we will have the correct ideas come to mind to solve our dilemmas.  Fear will not, and cannot solve many problems.  Only love can.  And we can only love in the way we need to when freed by the Lord from fear.