Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dog wake

Had a great moment today while walking the dog. He's just a little guy, maybe 14 pounds. Most of what looks like his body is fluffy fur that is starting to get long enough to cover his eyes.

Anyway we were walking around the park and at this park almost all the leaves have fallen off the trees. The sidewalks going around the park have sections of pure leaves where you can't see the sidewalk.

Moki, on walks, alternates between running ahead by about 100 ft or hang back about a hundred feet to sniff around or mark his favorite shrubs. Then he'll realize his distance from me and come running back to rejoin the walking pace. Today during one of his hang back moments he looked up and saw me way ahead of him. When this happens he looses interest in whatever smell he was investigating and comes running full speed towards me. Usually about as fast as he can run. So today this happened while on one of the leaf sections of the sidewalk.

As he's running full speed, his facial fur was blown back tight against his face, eyes were watering and he's sprinting as fast as his little paws can carry him. The image alone makes me laugh. But then we had the leaves today. His little 7mph sprint created enough wind to blow a bunch of leaves up behind him. It looked like a wake of leaves. The look of joy on his little face with a wake of leaves in trail was quite funny.

Probably one of the funnier things I've seen in a while. Here's this little dog, running full sprint, with a big noisy wake of leaves behind him. hahaha. It made it look like he was running faster than he was. Very very funny image. I wish I had brought a camera.

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