Saturday, November 19, 2011


Been readin' a fascinating book called "The beginners guide to constructing the Universe".  I was shocked how many truths are to be found in nature.  By simply understanding the numbers 1-10 I felt like I saw a world I had never noticed. You have to have "eyes to see it" but it's there is so much in front of our noses.  We all faintly recognize Mother Natures patterns and truths, and even refer to them in our common phrases, but usually don't know why we do.  Different societies in history have come to many of the same mathematical or geometric, or even religious conclusions, and identified similar principles, but without having shared their knowledge with each other.   

One concept that stood out was resonance.  I'm no scientist, or expert on physics, so I'll quote him and then add a few connections based on my limited understanding. He says "Everything in the Universe has it's natural vibration frequency."  He explains how atoms are vibrating energy.  Everything is made of atoms or energy of various wavelengths and charges.  Our bodies are an energy field of vibrations.  Music is the name we give to vibrations within an energy "band" which are able to be interpreted by our inner ear and brain.  Other wavelengths are interpreted by our eyes as color.

All of life can be viewed as music, but not necessarily the wavelengths our ear perceives as "notes".  But everything has a wavelength, and some of it we can see, for example a guitar string vibrating as you pluck it, or watching the rhythmic ocean waves.  Each color appears the way it does due to it's vibrational frequency of waves.  Some visible, some not.

Our bodies, since they are composed of energy, can vibrate "in tune", or "out of tune" with higher things.  We'll sometimes say someone has "tuned out", or when someone is close to the Holy Ghost we say they are "in tune" with the Spirit.  We all resonate with certain things, and don't resonate with others.  But all we have an inner ability to resonate with higher things.     

The author Michael Schneider says this:  "You may have noticed this principle while driving a car.  As the car accelerates, its pistons oscillate, or vibrate at different rates.  The tires moving over the ground also create an overall vibration in the car.  At a certain speed, or rate of vibration, the windows may rattle.  At a higher speed, the windows stop but the glove compartment door rattles.  Then the sound recedes and perhaps the door handles begin to rattle, or some object in the car will rattle. As the car's vibratory "note" changes, those loose objects that resonate with that particular "note" will absorb its energy and vibrate or rattle with it. 

He goes on to say: "We experience resonance on a very personal level in our rapport with the people we know and meet.  Consider that our inner world is an energy system.  Each urge, desire, emotion, though, and intuition represents a different wave band of subtle energy.  Each of us unconsciously broadcasts the energy of our inner life and receives that with which we are in tune.

Our outer experience only resonates with our inner rattle (or vibration).  If we don't like the connections we've formed we cannot break them, but we can transform ourselves so as to not resonate with those things any longer.  It's useless to blame anyone or anything outside ourselves.  We carry our inner state with us and will find the same types of friends and relationships wherever we go.  To change what we encounter in the world we change the levels and qualities to which we attune."

-End quote 

I've noticed I "resonate" with different things at different times.  The book described an experiment with guitar strings that were an octave apart.  They still "resonate", with each other even though they are different.  The same, yet different.

The scriptures I think have their unique vibrational frequency.  The Holy Spirit has a tune and unless you align with it, or begin to resonate with that power, the messages won't make any sense.  The instrument is "out of tune".  But the instrument is our body, or perhaps our spirit.  When "in tune" the music, harmony, and beauty is unlike anything I could ever describe.  No one can really describe a beautiful piece of music with words, you have to hear it, experience it, and feel it.  

I think this is how the Gospel is.  It's like Music.  For me I needed to get in harmony with it, and resonate with Christ and his Gospel before I could make a conclusion about it.  I believe with our choices, we can come to "know" the things we resonate with.  When resonating with the Gospel, it makes sense at a level I had never considered.  It draws me to understand deeper knowledge and is fulfilling to the soul.  But if your not in tune at that frequency, the symphony is not appealing at all, you can't hear the music.  When resonating with it, however, things look different, feel different, and it's an experience, not just an intellectual description or set of religious facts.  I think the commandments are a pathway to help us resonate with God.  The "tune" of that kind of vibratory match is like a "oneness" that is too beautiful for words.


  1. Just came across your blog today. Interesting.

    I attended a seminar on sacred geometry a few weeks ago and ended up purchasing this and other books on the subject. It is interesting how math and geometry is embedded in the structure of things. And I've always thought that when the Lord repeats Himself, He's trying to get something important across.


  2. Steve

    I was at that conference on sacred geometry as well. That is where I got the book.

    Are you enjoying it? And what did you think of the geometry conference?