Friday, May 6, 2011

What purpose

Sometimes when I go to church, to work, or to a variety of places I wonder why the other people are there and if their motives for going are similar to my own.  If you look at peoples body language sometimes you can get a glimpse of the vast spectrum of motives for people being in certain places. Recently attending the temple I looked around wondering why many of the folks there had come.  Then I asked my self that question. For what purpose had I come? Part of me thought it was because I've been taught since childhood that it's a good thing to do.  Then I remembered all the teachings of church leaders about attending the temple and helping redeem the dead.  Part of it was doing my duty, and attempting to serve someone else. Then there was part that honestly didn't really know why.

Towards the end of the ceremony I found words coming out of my own mouth which were answering the question "for what purpose" I had come. I almost laughed that words from my mouth were answering a question I was posing to myself during the session.  That was an interesting thought. To only suggest the rest of my point here, Desire, Light, Knowledge, The eternal, Rest, the Lord, and the Veil all met up.

 The correct purpose dawned on me, the purpose for which I had come was to receive something.  My own mouth answered the question.  Something only God can give, but that I can receive, the "realization" coming as a blessing from Faith in Jesus Christ.

For THIS purpose we have all come.

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