Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I think I finally found a use for the term Mormon I like.

Another expert from a blog that has some awesome things to say. (http://puremormonism.blogspot.com/)

"A hundred years ago the leadership actively encouraged members to seek for truth no matter the source, as witness this excerpt from the Millennial Star from the year 1901:
"Anything that is true in theology, philosophy, literature, science or art; in any discovery, invention or project, we accept and it blends into the truths of religion which the Lord has revealed in these latter-days, just as separate drops of water unite in one mass as soon as they coalesce. For "Truth is truth where'er 'tis found, on Christian or on heathen ground." There are some great truths in oriental non-Christian religions as well as in the sects that call themselves "Christian." None of these comes into repulsion with the system now revealed from heaven, and which is commonly dubbed "Mormonism" -Millennial Star 63 (August 22, 1901), p. 549-551.
On the few occasions that Joseph Smith used the word "Mormonism," he usually meant it more as a philosophy than a religion. "Mormonism" was a way of looking at the world in terms of truth and wisdom and unconditional love. It was an idea put into practice. "One of the grand fundamental principles of Mormonism," declared Brother Joseph, "is to receive truth; let it come from whence it may."

The apostle Paul taught that when God's people reject the love of truth, God will send them what they seem to want: stronger delusions to assist them in going along with their comfortable falsehoods. "

Why not try Mormonism?

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