Monday, May 30, 2011

Do you hear The Master's Voice?

Some questions going through my mind as I'm going to sleep tonight.

Does the Master's voice require marketing? Or can it be heard alone? Does it require advertising? Or does plain and simple truth persuade on it's own?

Does it require graphic professionals and professional artists to provide pleasing images in the background? Or is the truth beautiful enough? Does it require someone in a suite and tie to speak it? Does it require a big arena? Or can it come from a child?

Are the unlearned able to speak the Master's words? Religiously speaking, could a bunch of degree's and professional titles or social science research and focus groups be used as a covering to hide the nakedness?

Does the Master's voice require an attractive website with easy to use links and layout? Or can the Master's voice be good enough to just speak on it's own, in plain simplicity?

Question of the day is do you hear the Master's voice? He still speaks. He died but is not still dead. He is alive and speaks. The question is do we hear it? Or do we prefer messages that are attractive, well portrayed, well spoken, with plenty of professional editing and proofing, spoken by those with degrees and respected offices and plenty of business skill? Does it require a PR department? Do we prefer messages backed by plenty of social science research and surveys to see if people like it?

Or is the Master's voice something else entirely?
What does the Master's voice sound like anyway?

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