Monday, August 9, 2010

Wounds and vindication

I think everyone has wounds. Some caused by our own poor choices, some caused by wrongs done to us by others. Sometimes it's something we did that we regret, other times it wasn't us.

Christs teachings become more clear I've noticed as one lives them. Each of us has a unique ministry that can by a type of Christ. "You have a sphere and element too. You are not required to live your life as if you were anything other than what you are, living where you are, among the people of your own family and neighborhood. Within your life's context, you too can be full of light and truth. You too can drink the cup given to you, without regard to attempting to swallow an ocean never given to you to drink." (The Second Comforter, pg 321). What good news. Each of us has a sphere, each of us can bring honor to our Heavenly Father by what we say, do, and are. Friends, family, spouses, coworkers, employees, bosses, animals, mother nature...etc. Each of us has daily opportunity to behave and treat people as Jesus taught.

I got to thinking today about wounds. Especially those caused by others. It's so easy to want vindication, to sue the hell out of people who legally do wrong, appeal to those with more power or influence to vindicate us of our hurt feelings and wounds. Revenge. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. That however is not what Jesus taught. He taught us to forgive those who have wronged us, and to then intercede on their behalf, to pray for them, to love them. This is what a son/daughter of God does. Jesus did not want others condemned, even for killing Him, even while they were in the act (Luke 23: 34). He came to save the world, not to condemn it. (John 3:17) He did not appeal to His father for vindication from those who opposed Him. We should do likewise in our own circle of life. Leave others free from judgment, what a gift that would be, and one we can give so many people. Is it really so satisfying to want to see justice served? Is it so fulfilling to do what is within our rights? Would it be every bit as satisfying to want to see mercy served? Hum...

So what do we do with our wounds? Do we go to court? Do we go to our superiors? Do we hold resentment deep inside? Bury our anger, and or live hurt? No.... we go to Christ with our wounds, allow the healing power of the Atonement to heal us, make use whole again. We repent, as in a change of heart, direction, and orientation. God promises healing. (3 Ne. 17: 7) Then we can go back to those who have wronged us and do good to them, love them, pray for them. Show them what living the Gospel of Jesus Christ looks like. Taking upon us the name of Christ is very simple, it's doing as He did and taught. We become like Him by doing that.

The wounds will heal, light will come, joy results and the world will no longer be the same place, nor will you.

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  1. Sometimes it is justifying to see justice served ;)

    Good reminder though to be here with a purpose.
    Contrary to what we all may think....I doubt we were all put on this earth to have a few babies and work mundane jobs :) I know we have a greater purpose and some of the things you mentioned are part of that!

    Thanks baby. Great post!!!