Monday, August 16, 2010

Deeper meanings

The opposite of faith is fear. Joseph Smith taught faith and fear cannot coexist.
The opposite of hope is despair.
The opposite of Charity is hate or anger or selfishness

They all seem to intertwine. I think it's helpful to know what words mean, instead of just relying on definitions learned from childhood or definitions given to us by others. Those definitions can so be very limiting.

Repentance: Is it really the R's you hear so often... recognition, remorse, restitution, reformation, resolution? That definition of the word to me is a tragedy. It makes repentance into a self help mnemonic that isn't even all that good. I think the Gospel is not just another self help book. Definitions such as those don't help me understand the scriptures, does not produce light and makes the issue almost divorced from the Lord because its focus is almost entirely on you and what you should stop doing. It doesn't focus at all on positive things to do instead. If all you focus on is the negative that is probably all you will ever hit. My opinion anyway.

Other definitions of repentance include such things as "a mighty change of heart" "Return to God" "To turn around, change course" "Recognize the true light" "An opening of ones eyes to see the truth and feel righteousness flowing through you" "To grow in light and understanding" "Humbly seeking the Lords will."

Ok, a few more helpful definitions.
Faith: This next part is from a great book discussing the Book of Mormon. "Faith is more than belief. It is a principle of action, and requires you to do something about your belief before you can have faith. The lecture on Faith, Sixth Lecture is a study worth reading. In the Book of Mormon context, faith involves heavenly visitations.

Hope is more than a wish, ...Hope requires you to secure a promise form God. It requires you to be at rest - Secure in the knowledge the Lord has promised you a glorious resurrection. Hope is waiting for the tiem of the Lords promise to be fulfilled As sure as God's word cannot fail, your hope is secure in Him. But you must obtain that hope from Him, by getting him to make a promise to you.

Charity is a gift from God. It allows you to love others unconditionally. When resting secure in your own future state, you can love and hope for other sin a way you could not if you still worry about your own eternal welfare (Enos 1:11). " (Eighteen verses pg 312-313)

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