Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The deep learning process

Seven steps when learning any really important lesson.

First we always start out at idealistic, we have the way we’d like the world to be, the way we see things. And something then happens to open our eyes or violate our idealism, then we get frustrated. All of us on the inside have a part of us that is immature. So we act spoiled and get frustrated. And then frustration when we don’t get what we want even more, it turns into defiance, we become defiant. Some people even get to the point when they get righteously indignant. Have you ever seen someone who is frustrated and defiant and as you were trying to deal with them they turned righteous? By damn they were right about how wrong everyone else is? Where not only were they emotionally out of control and frustrated they were more right than you, better than you because of it?

After you keep doing that from anywhere between seconds and….your whole life…. You usually hit that critical moment, that inflection point, that decisive moment when you become resigned. This is the critical point, this is the point when everything changes. Complete paradigm shift, and so when you’re resigned you can really either accept…. or you can try and push it off. You can try and prevent it, or accept it and invite it. You can either surrender and say “ok I was doing my little idealistic defiant frustrated thing again. .I surrender….I surrender to my little learning process I’m going through." Or you can turn passive aggressive when you get resigned. Some maybe even try and pretend that they are trying to make progress but they are passive aggressive. Nothing you do or say can help them because their inaction is their getting back at you. Their cutting off their nose despite their face.

Well if you surrender and you successfully get resigned and you get to the next phase this is where awareness happens. Once you’ve gone through these first steps all of a sudden you start to see new possibilities you become aware that there’s a whole range of things that you never considered before than you can do. Then you start to get excited, you pick one, and you become decisive. You decide, ok this is what I’m going to do and then….you get committed to that and your commitment takes you to the next level. When you’re the most committed to something you’re the most idealistic so the spiral starts itself again. This is the evolving and learning process of life. Personal trick. Is to stick between awareness and decisiveness.

Idealistic Frustrated Defiance Resigned aware decisive committed

To sum up:

1 Idealistic
First you get influenced with an idea, and you become excited about it, you commit with your whole heart and mind to it and begin to work hard to accomplish it.
What does this mean in the context of Internet Marketing? Well…you read a report or listen to a seminar and start with a certain idea about ….how a successful Internet business should be, and once you work long enough and face reality online, someone comes along and violates your idealism with other seemingly good and persuasive ideas and then you get frustrated.

2 Frustrated
Yes you are feeling that way because you started with a “tightly held ideal” in your head and as you encountered more confronting ideas, your frustration then turned into defiance.

3 Defiant
You begun to question whether the teacher, mentor, guru, society is right at all and then you started blaming them that they are wrong etc.

4 Resigned
Your defiance then turns into resignation, you throw it all away, you say to your self this stuff doesn’t work, and you go look for some other idea. But if you become aware, interesting things will begin to happen in your mind.

5 Aware
Once you realize there is no such thing as the ideal business, which you first imagined and you let go of your ideals that some guru sold you, all of sudden you start to see new possibilities. Then you start to get excited again and become decisive as you see reality and a world of infinite opportunity.

6 Decisive
You are filled with resolve and enthusiasm, you know what you are going to do and the direction you are going.

7 Committed
And you become committed again to go to the next level. And the evolving and learning cycle repeats it self.
If you are not aware of this learning process, you are likely to be going around in circles like a hamster that knows only one track. And this of course means you don’t stay long enough to follow through and pass the resignation stage to the awareness stage.
Here’s what you can do to get a fresh perspective, start moving ahead and enjoy more success with what you are learning.
To make this process work for you….(step 1) aim to stay aware of possibilities and (step2) decide to commit to one, test it out, make it work for you and move on to the next one without being too idealistic about it. The key is to let go of your ideals.
As you can see the more you let go of your ideals and ground your self in reality, the more likely you are to avoid being frustrated and succeed faster in mastering your subject.

To close here is a related scriptural topic.
D&C 93: 11-13, 20.

Christ didn't receive a fullness at first. He went from Grace to Grace. From one degree to the next. Since we follow Him, we too need to learn to learn, to go from one degree to the next.

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