Monday, August 2, 2010

Joseph Smith Family Bible.

On the way home from work the news on the radio reported that the Joseph Smith family bible is available, and is going for 1.5 million $.

It's paper, a binding, ink, and maybe some old dust. I can get a bible for free at probably any number of churches.  So it's not the content that is suddenly worth more than a few dollars at a local book store.  So then is it the ancient artifact value that this item presents, as opposed to it's utility value that is worth 1.5 million?  Is it the historical significance due the humans who touched it?  I guess I can see how ancient artifacts are valuable, like for example artifacts from ancient Egyptian tombs are valuable. But those have value because they are NO LONGER AVAILABLE! But a bible? Because of who owned it? Hum.... it must not be the content of the bible which is worth that price. The same content is available for free. On a interesting note very few people showed up to see this display at the book store selling it.

So it must be something else that is valuable to people. Is it merely a historical item that makes it worth 1.5 million? Artifact value? How ironic. When Joseph Smith acquired the gold plates he was informed that it WAS NOT to be used to make money, or get gain. The content was more valuable than the gold upon which it was written. God made that VERY clear.  Interestingly contrary to everything Joseph Stood for, contrary to Gods own words about not using His Word for such things, the family bible is now being used to get gain. To make money. Kinda funny really. I wonder if anyone will buy it.

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