Friday, December 9, 2011

Your worldview and life's results

This is from an article titled THE MISSION OF ELIJAH RECONSIDERED:
Denver C. Snuffer, Jr. 2011.

The reference is a book titled "Ten Parables" by the same author.  The book is short but large in content.  This passage I'm quoting will still make sense even if you haven't read the parable.  But will mean more if you have read it. Lance and James are the two main characters. Tarwater, and Hope are the respective towns they are from in the parable. I was struck at the depth and truth of the message.  I had to pause and think about how much our worldview influences what we encounter in life.  It's so easy to insist that the world IS the way we perceive it. But that may not be true, in fact it may be very incorrect. 

"In Ten Parables there is a story of ―Hope and Tarwater -which by the way is a parable that has multiple meanings, but the intended meaning is that both Hope and Tarwater are the pre-existence. You run with that when you read it. Tonight, because parables allow you to shift meaning, what I would like the story to be about is the attitude you bring with you to any of life‘s circumstances. You likely bring your life‘s attitude from the pre-existence, but we‘ll confine tonight to the attitude you bring with you to anything you encounter in mortality. You see, what Lance found in the forest was exactly what Lance thought he would find in the forest. What James found in the forest was exactly what James thought he would find in the forest. Neither one of them could escape the view they brought with them into the condition they found themselves. It is a painful experience to realize that the way you have always understood the world is, in fact,skewed, amiss, ugly, wrong, deceived, and even malevolent. No one wants to encounter that, which makes change so terribly difficult for us."

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