Thursday, December 29, 2011

By patience and persuasion

I like Joseph's persuasion here.  He allows everyone the choice as to what he teaches.  He doesn't exercise control or fear to gather a following, or share truth, instead he says this:

P 341 "I ask, did I ever exercise any compulsion over any man?  Did I not give him the liberty of disbelieving any doctrine I have preached, if he saw fit?  Why do not my enemies strike a blow at the doctrine?  They cannot do it; it is truth, and I defy all men to upset it.  I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness."

And some very wise words from page 392.

"Not always wise to Expose Evil"

Said Joseph, "Our lives have already become jeopardized by revealing the wicked and bloodthirsty purposes of our enemies; and for the future we must cease to do so.  All we have said about them is truth, but it is not always wise to relate all the truth.  Even Jesus, the Son of God, had to refrain from doing so, and had to restrain His feelings many times for the safety of Himself and His followers, and had to conceal the righteous purposes of His heart in relation to many things pertaining to His Father's kingdom.  When still a boy He had all the intelligence necessary to enable Him to rule the govern the kingdom of the Jews, and could reason with the wisest and more profound doctors of the law and divinity, and make their theories and practices to appear like folly compared with the wisdom He possessed; but He was a boy only and lacked physical strength even to defend His own person; and was subject to cold, to hunger and to death."

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