Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to Pray and Stay Awake Pt 2

"God will see you now.  You will be allowed five minutes.  This way, please".

What would you be willing to give for this privilege?  Think what it would man to stand in the presence of the exalted Being who comprehends and controls all things in the galaxies of creation.  Not only would you be permitted to stand before Him with your whole being responding to the glory of His presence, but you would also be permitted to talk with Him, face to face, expressing the desires of your heart

If we could only realize it, the privilege of praying, if performed as it can be, is nothing less than a personal conversation with God.  Unless we realize this, we are missing the greatest blessing of prayer.

Real and successful prayer is more than the use of the right words or phrases.  Real prayer springs from real connection to God.  And conversely, real connection to God is the product of real praying.  Formulas can be helpful as one learns, but can become a hindrance without ones heart becoming open to the divine Spirit of God.  Just because we start a little speech out with "Dear Father in Heaven" and finish up with "Amen" doesn't mean what we have been praying to our Father in Heaven.  God hears the words of our hearts, and not just the words of our lips. 

The words of Christ in Mark 11:24 & 1 John 3:22 "Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them" are uttered only to those "who keep His commandments and do those things pleasing in his sight."

To pray "unto God," there must be a definite and conscious approach to Him.  We must have a clear and vivid realization that God is right there in our presence.  that presence may sometimes be felt as His bending over us and listening as we pray.  Other times, we may sense that His presence not only feels the room but also fills our bodies.  As the Lord has declared, "The elements are the tabernacle of God; yea, man is the tabernacle of God." (D&C 93:35).  Even on those occasions when we feel we are alone, we have His word that our feelings deceive us and should not be relied upon.  As Lehi discovered, "I am encircled about eternally in the arms of his love." (2nephi 1:15).  "Eternally" means without beginning or end.  When we exercise faith in His word, we can know that we are never alone, but that the Heavenly Personage we are addressing is always near.  This is the basic law governing real prayer, the kind that is mighty prayer, the kind that is "pleasing unto your Lord, and [causes] the angels to rejoice over you....and is recorded in the book of the names of the sanctified, even them of the celestial world." (D&C 88:2).

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