Friday, December 9, 2011

The Peace of Zion

It begins in your own thoughts, when you let virtue garnish them unceasingly. Question your own motives, not others'. Question your own obedience and service, not others. Be quick to judge yourself, and cover the mistakes of others with charity.  Pray for your critics and those who you know offend God by the things they are doing. They are ignorant, and if you do not ask for God‘s mercy on their behalf they will never know enough to ask for it themselves. Make intercession for them.

The peace in Zion is the same peace Joseph described in his letter from Liberty Jail, (D&C 121). That peace begins inside you. It is not merely the discipline of warfare and enforcement of rights through conflict. That will be the way the wicked seek peace. For Zion, the peace comes from within.  Zion will not have peace due to military force, they will instead have the peace of God's presence.  God will fight the battles of Zion (D&C 105:14) and the wicked will not dare get involved (D&C 45:70).

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