Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"I bring no accusation against them"

There are so many things in our present world that we could easily condemn; practices, people, organizations, movements, beliefs, etc.... you name it. If we wanted to play the role of condemner, we would potentially have more material than we could use. Some do play this role.

We all know well the teaching to "Judge not". But often the accusation has already happened inside our mind. So to try and not judge at that point can be difficult. I found a teaching that for me has worked and been successful. It follows Christ purpose. Christ came to the world to save rather than condemn. (John 3:17)

One of Satan's titles is "The accuser of the Brethren" (Rev 12:10). "The accuser", Like: "to charge with"...

If I avoid that role, and simply don't accuse people, I find a whole list of positive things occur inside of me. Rather than evaluating and having judgements of others happen all day, I find simply not accusing accomplishes something really good. It frees up things and space inside of me. I'm not saying you don't make evaluations and decisions and weigh information for good decision making. I just mean not internally accusing anyone, not charging anyone of the deeds that we could so easily condemn and gripe about.

I think you can identify and point things out to people, or teach about errors in love without adopting the role of "accuser". It has a totally different feel. Treating ourselves this way, without accusations, I think is something worthwhile to think about as well.

The phrase that sums this up for me is. "I bring no accusation against them".  I freely forgive.  Think about that phrase. It sounds liberating. Some, if not many of our accusations against others in our world are probably accurate, but not accusing them in spite of all that is by far the thing I've found works best. If I don't accuse, there is no need to judge. And If I don't judge I am more free to love. And if I'm more free to love than I'm always happier.

This teaching sets them free, and on the inside seems to have the same effect on me.

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