Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Constant Nourishment, Spiritual food.

Here's a great phrase to think about:
"The need for constant nourishment to both body and spirit"

I've been thinking a lot about that phrase. "Constant" nourishment. Not intermittent, not weekly, not every 6 months. I believe that the need for "constant" nourishment and the "constant" companionship of the Holy Ghost are connected.

So what happens if this goes ignored? Or if we substitute true nourishment with emotional stories and warm fuzzes? Or endlessly repeated and watered down doctrine? Or even misleading doctrine? What happens if what we are taught or what we consume spiritually was developed according to "what people want to hear" instead of the truths of the restoration that actually lead a person to Christ? Many good philosophies exist that may better peoples lives, but the Gospel of Christ should be unique in that it brings you to the presence of Christ to then be taught and lead further. This nourishes the soul does it not?  A direct connection to Christ is necessary.  A testimony of a church is not the same thing. 

I think our spirit will begin to atrophy if we don't personally act on our spiritual needs. Just like our physical body, it gets weak, and fragile and wastes away. A stunting of spiritual growth may happen. I notice a significant impact when I fail to take proper care to obtain constant spiritual nourishment. It becomes as noticeable as when I miss a few physical meals. It's as if the life energy of the soul which gives life to the body goes dim. Anyone out there have that? Ever feel that? It's sometimes a dull ache in the background until it gets filled with true light, then ya kinda wake up and realize how starving you have been all along. Least that's been my experience. Oh how our spirits must suffer when we not only don't feed it, but when we do it's too little and often contaminated.

Even a call to repentance can be nourishing. Ever felt that? Doesn't always have to feel warm and fuzzy, in fact that can often be more like cotton candy than nourishment. Sometimes I don't initially love the taste of certain foods, but my body appreciates the nourishment, and I can feel it. Eventually the taste grows on me. Same for things of the Spirit.

So as with the physical food recommendations of what the body needs to be refreshed, I'm putting together in my mind a spiritual nourishment pyramid of sorts. Having felt starved myself it's much easier to look around and see the same thing happening to others. We really do need the Gospel, the spirit will indeed starve if we don't feed it, and don't feed it the right stuff. Milk from a bottle is great for an infant, but becomes inadequate and looks funny if it were still used as the child grows.

More next post.

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