Thursday, June 2, 2011

Words of Mormon 1:15

Words of Mormon 1:15
And it came to pass that after there had been false Christs, and their mouths had been shut, and they punished according to their crimes;

I'm asking my self, what is a false Christ? Is a false Christ someone who claims to be Jesus but instead struggles with a mental disorder? Is a false Christ someone who "sets them self up as a light"? Christ in his visit to Americas says to "hold up your light that it may shine unto the world" but the next line informs us that HE is the light we are supposed to hold up (3 Nephi 18:24). Not ourselves. So perhaps holding ourselves up is a false form of Christ, by holding up something, or redirecting the focus towards something that isn't the true light (2 Nephi 26:29). What does it look like to "set yourself up as a light"? It's called priestcraft in the scriptures and in the above reference in Nephi. I don't know all the answers but I think the above is worth some thought.

Is a false form of Christ someone who says they say something "in the name of Christ" when they actually don't?  Is it a false Christ when the words are lip service or just empty words that aren't really spoken in the name of Christ although his name is used? I think that could be a false form.

Along with the idea of false Christs, Satan can appear as a being of light (2 Nephi 9:9). He was the original false "Christ" who sought to claim glory and honor to himself due to his role in his own version of The Plan of Salvation. False Christ's may mean a lot of things. Especially if we look at "Christ" as a title. Someone could claim to be Jesus. Or someone could just be setting themselves up as a light, wanting others to look at them, follow them, and give them praise, or a person could use his name in vain. I think all of that would qualify among still other things that would be considered false Christs. Priestcraft is something scriptures warn about when speaking of the latter days. Warnings are pointless though if we don't allow ourselves to be warned.

In this Nephite society false Christs were punished. Weird,.... in our day I don't know that we have something equivalent unless a person violates the laws of the land. Not sure though, interesting to think about.

Tonight I happened to be looking at the bug zapper on the outside of my in-laws house. Bugs are attracted to a light source. In this case it's a false purple glowing light, and is a trap. They see the "light" and are lured in, and they don't survive the consequences. A good lesson for all of us to make sure we seek, and hold up the true light which is Jesus Christ.


  1. I just learned yesterday about false light. So let me share what I just learned. This is my experience. So light is truth. When it comes to religion it is the bible that religions use to profess truth. It becomes like a cloak of light. People, even mormons, who learn it and profess it become this cloak of light. It becomes a false light when the person has things unspoken. Okay? So a person speaks the light. Shares the light. But the light will disappear if that person shares the other things. So in terms of religion, anything that is opposition of the bible would make the light disappear. So those things go unspoken. Hence, the false light. But do not be deceived, people can do this in everyday life. They can cloak themselves in light. They speak truth about how they feel and what they see. Yet somethings go unspoken to keep the light. Keep in mind it doesn't mean the person has the intent to deceive. That is the great thing about this false light. There is no intent to deceive. The person may believe the things unspoken are true. Really though they are not. To make a true light, those things have to be disclosed so the true light can be revealed. In relationships some people will often keep certain things undisclosed to continue on in peace. Yet they are missing out on a real opportunity. They can either clear out a bad relationship by disclosing certain things the individuals do not agree on. Or the couple can grow an even deeper sense of intimacy by knowing more about the other, therefore receiving them in a deeper manner. False light is not the same as just untrue. It is a light in truth. One that people will follow because it is true. What is kept hidden are things that would make this light disappear. Not sure if you get it. You really have to open your eyes to readings to get it. One can go their entire life thinking they know Jesus by having a cloak of light but carrying around with them unaddressed beliefs that contradict the bible. It keeps Christ hidden from a person. They will never know His grace or what He did for us. Not really because they don't wrestle with all of the real truths.

  2. At first I didn't follow you Anonymous, but after reading through that a few times very carefully I think I get what you are saying. And as far as I can tell I agree.

    If I understand correctly your saying that in order to have a true light, you must be exposed to those things "unspoken" or the darkness, otherwise you won't truly see or appreciate the light. And that would in effect be a false light because we are covering ourselves with a truth while not being pure underneath? Is this what your getting at?

    I can see how this happens in religion and with people individually, as well as in relationships. It sounds like a false form of religion if a person uses the bible or scriptures this way.

    So, going on, I think your saying the true light won't be able to be fully expressed without seeing the "unspoken"? Am I with you?

    So seeing the opposition, the falsehoods, the weaknesses, the darkness, "the hidden terrible truths" of both our inner selves, our world, our religious beliefs, is part of removing the cloak and moving towards holding up the true light. Otherwise we just cover up the mess (or things unspoken as you put it) with truth and use vocabulary words and ideas to beautify the cloak all the while holding back that which would reveal the cloak....but also reveal the true light.

    In essence "the man of sin must be revealed". The cloak of truth as you put it must give way to the full picture of the truth so it's no longer a cloak but a pure "whole".

    A bit more clarification on "things unspoken" I think may be beneficial if you feel so inclined.

    Thanks for the comment. Help me understand if I'm not totally with you. Your thought strikes me as worthwhile to discuss.