Friday, October 29, 2010

Bonds that Make us Free Pt 2

There is a fabulous book called "Bonds that make us free, healing our relationships coming to ourselves".

Here are a few truths about life that I found uplifting from the book.

We see the world not as it is....but as we are.

We often lie to ourselves to avoid doing what we know we should, after a while we start to believe the lies. Taking responsibility for our lives, emotions and behaviors is easier than living the lies we sometimes tell ourselves.

There is no better means of promoting another persons change of heart than allowing our own heart to be changed, often through simple authentic interactions with others. The more truly unconditional love a person feels, the more their inner light will beckon them, and warm their soul.

From the countenance of every individual, when we stand before him or her, comes the imperative, "Treat me as a person separate from yourself, but just as real -- with hopes and needs of my own" Or, to use the words of the philosopher Immanuel Kant, "treat me as an end, and not as a means". If we will hearken to this summon and do as it dictates, we will change in our relationship to those people, if change is needed. We will care for them and resonate with them. And this change will happen naturally, without our trying to make it happen.

So often we create and then try and maintain a false image of ourselves. Either a super good person image, a perfect this or that image, or any number of images of ourselves. With the creation of this "image" comes the simultaneous creation of it's opposite. In reality these images are not the real us, and they take incredible energy to maintain. It's easier to take responsibility for the choices we've made, and pursue an authentic life approved of by God.

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