Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Light and dark come in balanced pairs. You don't know the good without tasting the bad. You don't know health without knowing sickness. You can't just shortcut it and go without the corresponding pair. You don't know heaven without knowing hell. The universe is balanced. Before any ascent there first is a decent. You get the good with the bad. Christ ascended to the height he did because he first descended "below all things". It's balanced. I think we too follow and learn from such patterns in our own life and at our own pace.

Sacrifice brings blessings. Temporary discomfort, endurance, persistence, patience always yields and opens the door for a more positive outcome than would have been obtained otherwise.

Counterfeits sometimes come disguised as the good half of the pair, without any effort. It's the outcome without the balanced pair. This can help us spot deception.  Better the adversary you know, than the one you don't. (Avraham Gileadi) Schemes, philosophies, products, people jobs.... they all offer something, and many tempt us to obtain something illegitimately. Without obeying the laws of the universe it's almost like stealing. The good is always available, and it lasts when done according to the universal laws. But Satan has always been wanting us to do things his way instead of Gods.

Things that are worthwhile require effort. Any path that offers only one side of the equation only betrays the universal truth. It's a bandaid, or a mask to cover the actual ailment. It's harvesting wheat without planting anything. Having spring without fall. It's having summer without winter. It's having great strength without ever pushing against something. It's light without dark. It sounds so good yet it depletes. On the other hand the truth is always liberating and fulfilling.  Christ descended below all things, he paid the infinite price. How dumb we must look when we, for whatever reason, deny Gods power and think we are knowledgeable and special without Him, or think we can shortcut the system. Christ took no shortcut. I conclude that we too should accept and learn from the life each of us has been given.

The words from D&C 88: 6 say "Christ descended below all things". We learn incredible amounts about our Lord from one sentience. He became the least of all. He understands everyone. There is no sacrifice, no depth, no low he does not comprehend. No wonder he says to follow Him, He knows how to help anyone obtain the pearl of great price.

My thoughts anyway.

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