Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hebrew Scholar Avraham Gileadi said this:
“Jerusalem” is a codename, identifying a latter day place and people of God."

That gives meaning to many gospel topics and phrases. It's not just some random name chosen out of a hat. It implies a people who's distinguishing feature is they are of God, or had the opportunity to be. I'm reminded of the picture where Christ is sitting on a hillside overlooking the city. The caption reads "O Jerusalem" referencing Matthew when Christ says he would have gathered the people as a hen gathering her chickens but they would not. It's sobering to ask if such is said of ourselves and our latter day city. Jerusalem too had a temple, and many dedicated religious people of God attending it.

I couldn't help but notice this picture is on the little clear plastic carrying case my temple recommend is in. It made me pause. I will never look at that the same again.

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