Sunday, June 22, 2014

Who are these Spokespeople?

There's lots of controversy stirring in the LDS church right now. KUTV news has this piece.

When it comes to spokesmen, the real spokesmen is The President of the Church isn't it?  It's his position and calling to declare doctrine, and he is sustained as Prophet, Seer, and Revelator for our day.  Yet oddly I have heard far far more from Senior Public Relations' Ally Isom, and Church Spokesperson Jessica Moody.  I'm asking my self if I am to understand since these people speak for the Church, that they speak for the Lord?  A little odd to even have to ask that question.  Why does a Church employ a PR department when it claims to have a living Prophet?  Question to ponder anyway.  I don't know the exact answer.

I know President Monson has a calling which can speak to the Church as a whole for the Lord. But yet no such thing seems to be occurring. Instead I keep hearing from people who hold no calling, who were not sustained, and who are paid for their services. Yet they speak for the Church? I thought we had no paid clergy.  But we do pay people to speak for the unpaid clergy.

Does anyone else find that odd? Am I to understand Ally Isom's responses to the current issues to represent the Lord's will and word on the matter? I certainly hope not, since she couldn't answer some of the questions. 'It is not for me to say' or 'I am not able to speculate,' or 'I am not able to answer that question'.  It's not for her to say?  True, it isn't.  Why did the Church send someone to answer questions she can't answer?  Why not send someone who can?  Isn't that why we sustain the 15 men as Prophets Seers and Revelators?

I'm curious why their voices are all but absent.  Elder Oaks spoke in General Conference and addressed some of the doctrinal points involving women and the priesthood.  That makes one.  But one talk can't address everything that needs addressing.  Pre-prepared statements, talks with a teleprompter (where the audience never asks questions) is one thing.  As is visiting members of your own church in local and distant lands.  Responding to direct, difficult, doctrinal questions is quite another.

Some of my favorite scriptures are when Jesus directly answers questions, and responds to people. The Apostles during his day did as well.  Such experiences and responses have become treasures of scripture, and have lasted thousands of years.  Flip through the New Testament, look how Jesus answered all classes of people, with every which accusation, doctrinal question, cultural problem, or personal pain.  He responded directly to those that attempted sly and clever deceptions.  Prophets throughout scripture have never had paid PR do this for them.  Where are the bold, uncompromising statements of truth we as members hunger to hear?

Our day seems to be hiding, and hiding a great number of things people are afraid to look at.  I think it's always a good idea to look for problems where we presume there aren't any.  Does the Gospel really need a marketing department? And a PR department?  Are those the tools of the Spirit?  Some might say it doesn't matter, and having good PR is a necessity now days.  What do you think? After all, whether it be by the mouth of God's prophets or His PR department, it is the same. Right?


  1. Hi Taylor,

    Wow, this post, like many others on your blog, really makes me consider the state I'm/we're in. Thank-you for this!

    Also loved your parable. It is profound. Based on a several year journey, I am no longer satisfied to drink downstream.


  2. Excellent post! My wife & I ALWAYS enjoy your blog! Thank you for expressing many of the thoughts we have been feeling.
    Gary and Jennifer Lohmeier

    1. Gary and Jennifer, glad you enjoy the blog. Your welcome to comment anytime.

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    1. Haha. I love those commercials! Good call Sister Meme. Thanks for a good laugh.