Saturday, June 28, 2014

Search Engine Church Engine

Open and do a search with each of the following words.

Church Music
New Testament

Notice the top site for all of them..... The LDS church (as of this writing 6/27/14).  That is no accident, nor coincidence.  Nor was that cheap (I checked).  You can have your website show up as the top search engine result if you are willing to do the right research, and pay the right professionals for it.  The church pays money to have their site be the top search result.  Savy marketing.

Doctrine used to be what distinguished the LDS Church.  Light and Truth were the engine.  There seems to almost be more emphasis now on marketing and PR'ing a diminishing foundation rather than preserving and teaching the truth the Church once had.  Being the top hit on a search engine however doesn't necessarily bring light and truth.  In my view anyway.  It brings visitors and web hits, but not necessarily revelation, truth, or light.

"New testament" (as a keyword search) had as the second to top hit.... Wikipedia now got the top spot.  But check back soon, it may change.

With all the engines now powering the Church, it's possible it could end up driving the truths restored by Joseph Smith further and further behind us. They aren't taught anymore, and many see them as unnecessary, or mysteries to be avoided.  Joseph was persecuted, mobbed, run out of his town and home repeatedly, the abuse he endured should not be forgotten.  Yesterday marked 170 years since the mob killed he and Hyrum.  Joseph was shot in the chest.  He faced his enemies.  He did not run, he was shot n the chest, not the back.  That's courage.  He took the abuse head on.  I admire that, and admire his courage.  Historians say the angry mob included "a prominent newspaper editor, a state senator, a justice of the peace, two regimental military commanders, and men who just a few months before were faithful members of Joseph’s church...‘respectable set of men.’   Not the low life typical mob we tend to envision.

Meanwhile the Church leaders of our day remain behind a makeshift veil of public relations and issue carefully written pre-prepared statements onto the internet.  Joseph is an example to us still.  What was restored through him still ignites the flame of faith.  Sorry but these flimsy stale PR statements, and marketing tools on the internet are not what the restoration was about.  My opinion anyway.  Feel free to disagree and leave a comment.  I enjoy hearing others views.

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