Monday, June 30, 2014

The youth and their questions

I teach the youth Sunday school class.  We have a question jar that sits on the table when I teach.  At any point during the lesson they can come up and grab the jar, take out one of the slips and write a question.  Then they put it in the jar.   No one puts their name so it stays anonymous.

Here are some of the questions the youth are asking.  I didn't write or alter any of these.  These are directly from the youth.  I don't tell them what they can and cannot ask.

There is something great about the ease and openness with which youth ask questions.  It's a great trait.  It sometimes gets lost in adults, especially in matters of religion.  A humble heart and a question.  So simple, but yet so powerful.

1.  So the Church used to be back east, ya? And then we went to Utah ya?  Will we move as a "Church" again"?
2.  When do we know when we are forgiven?
3.  How do you start repentance?
4.  What if the president of the Church was false?
5. What's the classes favorite song?
6. Can Jesus be portrayed as a super hero with it being disrespectful, what would be his superhero name, and who would be his nemesis?
7.  Why did Jesus have to die for us?  Everyone answers this question with "to set an example" or "to save us" but I still don't understand.
8.  Did you love go on your mission?
9.  Why do you think the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are stereotyped as judgmental?
10.  Did Adam name all the animals?
11.  What color are Jesus's eyes?
12.  Jesus was a Jew, so why in the paintings in our church Jesus is a white man with a long beard, and hair?  But he lived when the Romans ruled those countries (that Jesus lived in) and the Romans made it a rule that people would have to have short hair to separate them from the goths that were attacking them.  Also the Jews in that region would have been dark hair and dark skin, so is our painting of Jesus wrong? Is there even a correct paining of him?
13.  Can you name everyone in the 70?
14.  Sometimes Church is boring, why do I have to go?

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