Thursday, June 12, 2014

Church Work

There is a lot of busyness available to you if you are an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Round table meetings, committee meetings, youth meetings, presidency meetings, pack meetings, council meetings, worship meetings, previews, activities etc etc...  you can easily be kept so busy you don't really stop to think much about what your doing and why.

Depending on your agenda, there can be some advantages to keeping people busy.  People who are more occupied are sometimes less likely to question things, and or rock the boat.  They are also perhaps more easily controlled and influenced since their busyness and engagement can simply be directed in any other non questioning direction desired.

Being caught up in a great cause can be very enjoyable and beneficial.  But being busy is not that.  It's possible for even our religion to slowly trade what matters for what doesn't matter at all

I see a difference between Church work, and Ministering.  Church work is very corporate, it requires you to get authorization from your leader/boss, it has rules, regulations, limits, procedures, all which must be followed.  It draws lines between who can be helped and when and under what circumstances.  It tends to narrow the group being served to "internal" recipients.  Ministering doesn't require all that.  It's more spontaneous, it's spirit guided and dictated, and MUCH more inspiring.  It couldn't care less if the recipient is part of your religion or not.  Church work can be anything but inspiring.  Perhaps you've noticed.  One brings light, the other eventually has to control you or fool you into the same religious mindset that lead the religious people of Christ's day (who thought themselves the chosen people) to reject Him.

A growing number of Church members are becoming frustrated at the uninspired and sometimes baffling things being taught and done by the Church.  We see in the scriptures our great examples of clothing the naked, feeding the poor, revelations, and service to the poor.  What we don't see there are what we seen now which are leaders praying over the opening of law offices, bank dedications, shopping mall centers, catering to wealthy hunters, buying up Florida, and developing attractive commercial real estate in Philadelphia.

The humble work Christ went about doing as he ministered to the outcasts and sinners is more and more different than so much of the Church Work I see currently happening.

What if instead of buying Florida and shopping malls we made our meeting houses into places that also served the poor? It would be a place of "worship" in quite a unique way. Would that hasten the work? More than owning Florida?

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