Monday, January 10, 2011

The Sabbath Day

I remember many a Sunday night in College at BYU my roommates friends and I would always seem to get hungry around 10-11 pm. Sundays were a relaxing day, most of us didn't do homework and so we all spent time together Sunday nights. In an effort to keep the Sabbath Day holy we would all sit and wait until the clock said 12:00 thus technically making it Monday and then we would all drive down to the fast food places and get a meal. Judging from the lines in the drive through at Wendy's and Arby's at this particular hour we weren't the only people that had this idea occur to them.

In Elder's Quorum last week we talked about how our understanding of the Sabbath has grown, deepened, or developed since we first heard what the Sabbath was. I've noticed some quite dramatic changes in my understanding. Some very very surprising. I've found without some significant personal revelation I will have misunderstood all of Gods commandments. Without it, I'm pretty sure I'll be off in my understanding, sometimes in critical ways. Feeling restricted or burdened with regard to one of God's commandments is my tip off that I don't understand it. When I've actually understood a commandment I usually am at a loss for words at how loving and intelligent God is.

My friend Denver said one time "The truth will scratch your eyes out, then scratch them back in again."

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