Wednesday, January 12, 2011


You ever known someone who was totally sincere, yet also incorrect at the same time? I'm referring to a religious context with the post. Being sincere and speaking the truth don't necessarily go together. I think speaking the truth does have with it sincerity. But sincerity can also come without truth. I mean we're all human, all of us at some point are faced with elements of deception, or misunderstandings, or plain old convinced we are right when in reality we are not.  We cam be sincerely wrong.

This idea I think sheds light on how someone is easily misled. Sincerity and good intentions are not always a secure or trustworthy measuring stick. This idea has made me more aware that persuasion should not be solely based on someones reputation, title, or how sincere they are. But on different criteria. You may be totally misinformed and totally believe that the sun rises in the west and so your sincere about your position.....but that doesn't mean you are correct. The emperor in reality may in fact have no clothes on despite the sincerity of those who sold him his "clothes".

This post is a result of looking at my own life, leaders, and times I've been sincere and looking back I was incorrect about something. I have since looked closer at self deception and developed more accurate criteria to discern what I take in, as well as what comes out of my own mouth and mind. Someone's sincerity is not always synonymous with them speaking the truth.

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