Monday, January 24, 2011

A Bible thought

Heard something today that encouraged me. From a radio bible study in San Diego California. It talked about the ingredients of a cake. Separately they taste awful, but when you mix them all together the final product can be a whole different story. The analogy went on to talk about the sweetness of God's word, the sweetness of answers to prayer and moments of insight and joy. With that however comes sacrifice. Or times when things are bitter, very difficult and just plain sour. But when you mix them together, it can create something wonderful. The idea was a call to view both the sweet, and the sour from a broader perspective and see what God is cooking up. (Sweet and Sour just so happens to be one of my favorite Chinese dishes as well. That's why the pic for this post is what it is. :) Without the sometimes tremendous disappointment, and bitter pain of life, we cannot know the sweet taste of success. Through Christ, we are offered sweetness above all else.

Later on it talked about some of the sour events to come as prophesied of in the book of Revelation. Wars, hunger, turmoil, plagues, destruction. But there is also the sweetness of the day when God returns with the Saints and rest and peace fill the earth during the millennium.

One thing I found very interesting was what was talked about during the time prior to the Second Coming, when the Antichrist comes to deceive. People will swoon and become huge supporters, He'll have fans all over the world, a savior, a redeemer almost. One who will seem to unite and bring peace both economic and political. One thing people in general are not going to call him is The Antichrist. Ha....makes sense, but it was funny to hear it said like that. He's not going to go around calling himself Antichrist. He will likely have many names and what name people use will likely be a result of their perspective. Scritptures call him AntiChrist, but lots will call him something else.

Anyway "anti" usually means against, or opposing. This particular study identified something I thought was insightful. It said "anti" can also mean "replacement for". The Antichrist will seemingly replace the True Christ. Interesting to think about what may "replace" Christ in daily life as well as long term earth history and prophesied future.

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  1. This post makes me hungry. Yumm. It also brings to mind when Isaiah is told to eat the parchment containing all the sour events in the prophesies, he expects the taste to be bitter. But to his surprise, it tasted sweet like honey. Love the analogy, probably because I love to eat! Ha ha.