Sunday, January 23, 2011


Someone asked a great question in church today. They asked how we would define success.

From what I read in scripture Satan's plan of salvation seemed very "success" or outcome driven. By some definitions of success that plan may have seemed like the more "successful" one. I don't know that true success can be defined that way. I think true success is much more internal. Without agency it seems to me there would be no freedom. There are other kinds of "success" I suppose. Making such and such amount of money per year, getting this promotion, getting that car, getting this degree, or grades, or prizes of all shapes sorts and sizes. Some of those may be successes. Most would say failure is the opposite of success.

It caught me while thinking about the last few minutes of the Lord's life how in the hour of greatest defeat, was the hour of triumph. Eternal success. By giving His life, He conquered death. Victory and defeat came together. The triumph opened the door for all of us to be free. I wonder if true success is freedom. Freedom from sin, and bondage, freedom to live and come to the Light. Whether or not we accept and comply with the Lord, the success and power of the atonement endures. We are free to choose and I think that has a lot to do with success. (2 Nephi 10:23)

I wonder how the Lord defines success.

How we define true success I think reveals our priorities. I put a picture of the pyramids up because I found them interesting in regards to success.

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