Thursday, December 9, 2010

Looking Beyond

To quote Elder Uchtdorf from the Christmas Devotional. "If we look for what is wrong with the Christmas season we will surly find it." How true.

I think if we look for what is wrong in any context, with our world, our fellow man, and ourselves, we will surly find it. But if we look beyond that, we may see what really matters. One tool of the adversary is to purposely distort the truth. That's why it's important to get a good view. With the correct view we can discover truth which can truly change a heart, but distorted truth will not accomplish the same thing. When seen clearly, what was "wrong" with something or someone can be seen in the proper light. I'm sure people in my life have overlooked many a shortcoming in me. Certainly my parents friends and family have overlooked plenty through the years. I'm grateful for all who have looked beyond my errors and seen something better. Quite a few examples come to mind, my wife being one. Not sure how to thank such folks for how they've treated me other than to behave likewise towards them and others.

Quoting Elder Uchtdorf again "Like the Grinch, we can grumble and complain becoming cold and cynical about what we see around us. Nevertheless, if we look for the good, we can see this time of year (or in my view any time of year) with new eyes. Perhaps even with the eyes of a child. The Grinch saw the good in Christmas when he learned to look past it's worldly trappings. If we do the same, we can with the Grinch proclaim maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more. " -italics were my words.

I think we all get caught up in such trappings. Whether Christmas commercialism, or just everyday life, the news and the economic forecasts. It's so easy to get caught up in it, not just during a Christmas season. When trapped by it all, pretty soon we don't see much else. Hard to look past something when it's right in our face. And yet, there is plenty beyond the trappings to capture and enlighten our gaze. I refer to God, and his ongoing involvement in each persons life. That is a work worthy of our gaze. I'm so thankful to have learned of Gods nature, and oh how he must with great long suffering look beyond our humanness moment by moment. What a gift it is, to look beyond and with new light see what really mattered.

I had a question come to mind today. What if we were to look past? Look beyond the bad, ugly, problems, defects and endless troubles. Not pretending they don't exist, and therefore do nothing to improve ourselves or world, but settin gour gaze heavenward, and looking beyond. Maybe there is a higher reality going on behind the scenes if we can for a moment set aside our bias, our world view, let go of our self image, and our endless fears and concerns and other trappings. What lies beyond may forever impact how we "see" the present. Almost reminds me of a part in Disney's The Lion King when Rafiki the monkey asks Simba to look into the reflection in the pool of water. After Simba only sees the initial appearance the monkey says "Look... harder".

If the Grinch's heart can grow after a change of Christmas perspective imagine what ours can do. Christ is what Christmas is about. Christ wasn't just a historical figure with higher teachings who lived and died. He's the light of the world, and still is. He died and rose again. He is not still dead. He gives light to the world, and loves to a degree that will overwhelm any soul. He is our light. This is the reality behind the scenes. My view anyway.


  1. Thanks for this post today.
    I had a hard time remembering Him while being too busy being completely offended today at work. It is hard to get through our humanness and forgive quickly. I struggled with that one tonight.

    Love you so much. "I will love you for you."
    Thank you for always doing the same for me ;)

  2. Babe you are as perfect as they come.