Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Author known or unknown

Had an interesting question come to mind today. Have you ever read something you thought was written by someone you respect, look up to, and give total credibility to, and then later on realized that the author wasn't who you thought it was? And then you had to go back and rethink whether or not you want to support or rejection what was said based on now knowing who the actual author was?  Or you thought the author was irrelevant and therefore passed over something vital?

That reminded me today again about the importance of distinguishing truth from error not by who the author is, was, or what title they have but instead by The Spirit which attends the message.  Either the confirmation of truth or lack thereof.  Either the filling of our minds with understanding and intelligence or darkness not merely the speaker, or their title. Scriptures say truth will come out of the mouths of babes (Matthew 21:16)(3 Nephi 26:16). Hebrews says to be not forgetful to entertain strangers as some have entertained Angles unawares (Hebrews 13:2). It's easy to be hasty and attribute or withhold credibility based on non scriptural criteria.

Someone can easily misunderstand, or misquote anyone and come to incorrect conclusions if they relied on the personality behind a particular message rather than the Holy Ghost. I find this is different than the mindset I grew up learning in school and even church for that matter.  So I've admittedly make mistakes in this area.  Christ and His light and or Spirit is what scriptures teach we should use to discern (Moroni 7:15-19). I've noticed sometimes this doesn't happen in a glance. Sometimes it takes living it. The truth in Christ taught by Alma in The Book of Mormon was likened to a seed that had to be planted and experimented with. That one wasn't just a passing judgment call. A person had to try it out to see if the seed grew with life or remained stagnant. It requires more effort to learn this way but I think the reward is worth it.

Here is one example.  I've tried to look for truths as the passage suggests and it's grown with life.  The below thought was sparked from: Tuscano, Margaret and Paul "Strangers in Paradox: The Nature and Purpose of The Priesthood." Signature books Salt Lake City 1990. Chapter 13, 19th paragraph down

God bestows gifts, callings, and truth inside other cultures and people, among Hindus, Buddhists, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Native Americans, etc. We are taught the Lord is working in many parts of His vineyard, not just one. If we have the truth, true priesthood, in its fullness, this shouldn't be cause for arrogance or complacency. We ought to live what we have and be compassionate and humble enough to accept or even seek out any truth that God has given others, which includes truth more easily recognized or understood by diverse and distinct cultures or people. Perhaps we are better served by recognizing truths others have to contribute, than by presuming western, modern, or technological superiority.

To me that resonates with truth.

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