Thursday, December 2, 2010

A witness

Read something on the newly redesigned church website today that perhaps is one of my favorite things I've ever read on there.

"Ancient Apostles of Christ testified of His divine nature and mission. Modern Apostles continue to bear witness that He lives. But their witness serves best when it motivates us to gain a witness for ourselves. We can know—just as His Apostles do—that He lives"

That third sentience is something I don't hear often. Glad it was there. I think it should be front page material, fundamental to the role of an Apostle. The little video that went along with the topic I thought showed honest and sincere testimonies from the Leaders. Those testimonies combined with the above quote I think is a message worthy of study.  Such experiences are not just for leaders.  They may be in a position to lead, but that is no limit on each individual finding God for themselves.

The website also has a little drop down menu for requesting a copy of your Patriarchal Blessing, its simple. The site also now has study tools online. I'm not one that likes to write on the pages of my scriptures. I like to just leave the text as it is and keep notes elsewhere for reading or study. That way when I read a verse again it's fresh, and my mind can be clear and open to new things rather than seeing marks or other notes about previous thoughts or connections I had made. So I'm a fan of the online study tools.

Cheers for the updated church website.

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