Thursday, September 2, 2010

Judge of the Quick

Moro. 10: 34 has this phrase: "the Eternal hJudge of both quick and dead" That phrase appears a bunch of times in scripture.

I wondered for a while what it means to be the judge of the "quick". I learned it has to do with those who are "quickened" by the Spirit. By the time Christ assumes that role an individual is either quickened or dead. One or the other, Christ is the judge of both. D&C 88: 26, 28-32, 49, 96 talks about an individual being quickened by a portion of glory, intelligence, or in other words light and truth (D&C 93: 36). D&C 67: 11 talks about no man seeing God in the flesh except being quickened by the Spirit. This all starts to connect. It all becomes very significant. We have that last verse implying a person can see God in the flesh when quickened. Moses 6:65 reads : "And thus he was baptized, and the Spirit of God descended upon him, and thus he was aborn of the Spirit, and became quickened in the binner man. That scripture links being born again with becoming quickened. How interesting a tapestry all these threads begin to weave.

It appears that one need not wait until the afterlife to be quickened, or judged, in fact if being quickened is experiencing rebirth of the Spirit, gaining light and truth, or even seeing God (D&C 93:1), then by all means it should NOT be postponed. Section 88 talks about a group of people who experienced it. So it must be possible.

How grateful I am that Christ is the judge. His love casts out all fear, His righteousness puts my soul at ease. It is said He is full of grace and truth. Who better to be the judge? Who better to seek now while His arms of mercy are extended? When would be better than this very day to follow his counsel. How much better is the Spirit which comprehendeth all things than an expert with a PhD or extensive academic education? The judgment bar of God is pleasing to those quickened by He who is full of light and truth (Moro. 10: 34). Earthly credentials not required.

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