Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eyes and light

Learned something today in my aviation safety and human factors class. It's about eye sight, night vision and potential illusions and problems as it relates to aviation.

We got to to talking about Pirates and their eye patch. Myth busters proved this as well. The eye patch was rarely because they were missing an eye. It was to maintain their night vision in one eye so when they invaded enemy ships they could go below the deck and see well enough to do battle. Because normally the eye would take too long to adjust to the dark that they would be killed under the deck. Who'd a thought?

Changing contexts for a second, hopefully our "eyes" don't become so accustomed to the fallen state of our world, the darkness, and the junk, that when God's light shines it hurts our eyes and makes us turn away. David Christensen had a great way to put this truth: "Just because our eyes have gotten used to the dark doesn't mean there is more light." We should seek the true light and see just how beautiful Gods light is. Things look different in the light. (John 11: 9-10, John 12: 35, 1 Jn. 1: 7)

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