Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Fuentes and the Gospel

A Spiritual And Gospel Thought about our Culture.

Letty (the mom of the family I'm staying with while in California) asked me to give an FHE lesson last week. The topic was the power of prayer. The difference in the Latin culture from what I've seen living here twice and living in paraguay for 2 years is big. They are much quicker to believe. They are more like the "good spots of ground" (quoted in Jacob 5) in which seeds of the Gospel grow better than hard ground of the other modern cultures. Certain cultures tend to be more open to spiritual experiences than others. The majority of my church experiences in Utah are less this way. It's provided good contrast. The Latin culture generally appears more willing, they feel more, and are far more prone to talk about God or prayer or things of that nature than the culture I've spent more of my time in.  Other places I've been people appear numb, completely absorbed in "the thick of thin things" (Stephen Covey), disinterested, bored, or just going through religious motions set in place by traditions.

The "spots of ground" in Jacob 5 I think have more to do with demographics than geographic locations.


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  1. Speaking of our culture.

    I realized today that there are VERY few places I can go where I won't be bombarded by people trying to sell me something. I watched a movie on TV the other night and timed 10 minutes of movie for every 5 minutes of commercials. Some of them were for "happy hour" at the local strip club. And yet during the movie they would bleep out minor profanity. Something about that didn't make sense. It's like they were feebly trying to fight a battle while promoting the war. I cant walk out my front door without newspapers, signs, little flyers advertising everything from gardening services to who knows what, billboards all clogging up my senses with advertisements. No wonder our culture is less spiritually sensitive. We are bombarded by babylon. (nothing aganist marketing and advertising, it just gets to be a bit much when I can't escape it for a second and or 1 foot)

    I've thought of two places I can go for peace from the advertising. One is church and the other is the Temple. If for no other reason, at least there, no one(usually) tries to advertise and get me to buy something I previously didn't know I "needed".