Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Change and Choices

I think all lasting change, is individual. We can never change others, nor are we accountable for others use of agency. We're judged according to our own heart and desires, and then in turn asked not to judge others.

While doing some math questions for weight and balance of an airplane during on of my classes I noticed something simple. When you change one side of an equation then the other side, by definition changes. And since we are always a component of the equation of life, we have a key in how to effect positive change. If we insist others change, it's not likely to work. That equation usually yields frustration and anger. But if we, alter our own view, or gain understanding, or communicate more honestly, or learn more truth, look further, heal our own past, adapt, love and grow, others almost have to adapt because the initial components in the equation are changing. We don't often know other peoples inner situations, or really why they do what they do, but I think we can still respect them and be content to show charity regardless of the behavior of those around us. Because who of us knows what "really" is going on in their life?

A quick chemistry example, heliuim and oxygen don't maker water. But a slight change of energy and helium's name changes to hydrogen. That makes a whole new substance when mixed with other elements. If helium stubbornly insists on not moving or sharing it's protons or electrons it will never bond with other elements to form anything new. It's interactions are locked in place. Because that is the choice helium makes. It is likely to live out it's existence still repelling the other elements for not changing. (D&C 93:30) All intelligence is free in the sphere in which God placed it to act for it's self. Even elements make choices. Some are predictable, some are not. Some are destructive, some are not.

Each piece of intelligence is free to choose, free to change, and therefore in a position to make a difference in the equation. What others choose, is not our choice.

If one person changes through repentance, if one soul humbly comes to the Lord, it yields joy in heaven, and unspeakable peace. The equation is there, and the outcome is joy! Dependent on no one else but you.  So much of our life's equation is directly affected by our choices.


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  1. Love it!!! I love blogging!!! ps I LOVE LOVE LOVE your wedding pics!!! Patti is awesome isn't she! YOu look BEAUTIFUL! I hope life is going great! it looks like it is!!