Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back to the Future - Each Choice

Had a thought while watching the "Back to the future" series with Michael J Fox.

Our choices have profound effects that alter the course of events.  Granted this movie is hollywood, but it does illustrate something that is true.  Sometimes we just sort of go with the stream or flow of the "collective unconscious" just going with the presumed norms of behavior and choices. But we all have the capacity to make different choices. When "Marty" in Back to the Future would change just one thing, it would have a ripple effect on others who then made different decisions which often had profound effects on the future. 

Making good decisions is timeless. It's been said that the Angels in heaven rejoice over souls who choose what matters most.

Alma in the book of mormon talks about great things coming to pass from small and simple means. I think one choice, a decision to do the right thing can bring about great change in the future. Now is the best time to choose "whom ye will serve". Now is the time to seek out the Holy Spirit's promptings and choose to follow.

It will affect the future.

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