Saturday, July 30, 2011

Easy to Be Entreated

I like to find words in the scriptures that aren't often used in our modern language and just make sure I know what they are talking about.  This one caught my eye today.  It's from Alma 7:23.  There's a list of virtues and traits that include "easy to be entreated".  The phrase also appears in James 3:17.  As we come into the Gospel, as we live it, and as we grow in it and mature, the scriptures have lists of things and traits we can notice happening.  Things happen and develop as we draw near to the Savior and live the Gospel.  This can and is intended to be enjoyable I think.  We needn't ever remain stagnant, when we are willing to proceed I think the Lord is willing to teach us, and invite us to receive more light and understanding. 

I wondered for a while at what that phrase "easy to be entreated" means.  I think it means to be easily taught and corrected. Taught or corrected by the still small voice even when it's a whisper.  Not so much easily taught by man, or easily taught philosophies of man, but easily taught truths through the Spirit.  Almost like the Spirit is easily able to communicate with you.

Also easily entreated as opposed to easily offended or easily hurt.

Just some thoughts.

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