Monday, April 2, 2012

Elder Maxwell on tests

I got something great from old Conference, it was from April conference of 2000.  Its a talk by Elder Maxwell.  It's called "Content with the Things allotted unto us".  This talk doesn't have any blue screens.  But it didn't matter.  It was as if it was scripture when I heard it.  It was a message I wasn't expecting and one I don't think I'll ever forget.

In one part he says "Life’s necessary defining moments come within our allotments.  Our responses are what matter. Sufficient unto each life are the tests thereof!"

"When spiritually aligned, a poise can come, even when we do not know “the meaning of all things” (1 Ne. 11:17). Such contented assurance produces not arrogance but quiet acceptance, which is its own form of being “anxiously engaged” but without all the bells and whistles (D&C 58:27; see also D&C 58:28)."

"What we could and have done within our allotted acreage, therefore, is known perfectly by the Master of the vineyard.

Their meekness and larger capacity for spiritual contentment may be one reason why God uses the weak of the world to accomplish His work (see D&C 1:19, 23; D&C 35:13; D&C 133:58–59; 1 Cor. 1:27). The worldly are usually not very interested in doing what they regard as the Lord’s lowly work anyway.

Significantly, too, the Lord refuses to intimidate by sending legions of angels in order to ensure that individuals do His will (see Matt. 26:47–53). His will is to be done “because of the word,” not because we are compelled (Alma 36:26). The rule has been, is, and will remain “Nevertheless, thou mayest choose for thyself” (Moses 3:17). The Lord wants conversion without intimidation."

His words stuck me like few others have.  

Sufficient unto each life are the tests thereof!   

What a message.  Thank you Elder Maxwell.  If you feel like reading the talk, watch it, not just read it.

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