Saturday, April 2, 2011

Elder Packer's talk

Elder Packer said something during Saturday Conference that I thought especially appropriate.

He said members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are counseled not to call themselves "Mormons" or refer to " The Mormon church" because that would go against Christ's teachings about specifically not calling His church by the name of a man. The scripture he quoted says if a church was called in Moses's name it would be Moses's church. Elder Packer read that scripture from 3 Nephi 27. So members of the church should use the actual name of the church which does contain Christs name. Elder Packer differentiated between someone else calling someone by a title, vs that person calling them self by that name/title.

I've found this topic very important for a long time and have written posts about the topic before. I'm happy today to have heard a member of the Quorum of the 12 speak on the subject.

I wonder if both churches exist, (Church of Jesus Christ, Mormon Church) well actually I know both exist. Scripture prophesy that Christs church will exist as well as alternates. Always a good idea to consider to whom, or what you belong. And if I can say, consider it independent of a man made database or organization's record system, although those have a place too. What we call ourselves can reveal things. I wonder if many in fact are correct when they call themselves Mormons.  They follow the cultural entity called Mormon.  Hum.... in reality it's not always apparent what someones true meaning is by a word or two, so it's good to consider what words you use and why.  

There's a few elements of the organization remaining that almost promote the "Mormon" title and I'll be curious to see what, if anything happens to them. For example the name of one of the official websites of the church being "", as well as a whole spectrum of media like: "Mormon messages" "Mormon channel" "Hi, I'm so and so and I'm a Mormon" campaign....   Elder Packer wasn't confusing in his address.  Sounded simply and to the point about what we should call ourselves. 

But that aside, I enjoyed the words spoken about Christ being the name of the church, not Mormon. I wonder how people and church departments will respond or align nor not align with Elder Packers counsel.


  1. I've thought a lot about this. I consciously call myself a Mormon, with all that it entails.
    That being said, I too am glad Elder Packer spoke about this. Funny, though, that it is not congruent with all the millions of tithing dollars spent on the "I'm a mormon" add campaign.

  2. Yeah, I wonder what change, if any will come from what he said.

    Rachel can you elaborate? You said "all that entails". Can you be more specific?

  3. I too am confused as to why they started the "I'm a Mormon" campaign as well as the website if we aren't supposed to be calling ourselves Mormon.

  4. As an update, during the most recent conference Oct 2011, the title of the church and what members call themselves was again addressed.

    It was much like Elder Packers talk, but with a few differences.

    I guess the reasoning for keeping the "" "mormon messages" "Mormon channel" even though we've been counseled not to call ourselves, or church by that name is to satisfy non member online searches. They want to associate the mormon name with the actual name of the church when people look for us.

    To me the whole thing seems to be somewhat of a confusion. We're not supposed to refer to ourselves as the "mormon church" and yet sometimes it's ok and actually promoted by many church media initiatives. "Hi I'm so and so and I'm a mormon". The standard is unclear.

    Hum.... guess we'll see how it all pans out.