Wednesday, March 23, 2011

There are no private moments

Technology has created now a world with few private moments. I've seen news clips where cell phones can be tapped in such a way that the phone not even engaged in a call yet a third party can listen in on whatever the person happens to be doing or saying through the microphone on the phone. Not to mention how a third party can receive an alert when the other person actually is on the phone and they can listen in. Google I'm thinking has access to almost anything and everything. There are computer programs that can hack passwords.... hack databases.... the "private" moments and information are dwindling. Things that aren't even electronic are being made electronic and in an instant available to a variety of sources. I bit unnerving to think about. There is a funny online little clip about the "google toilet" it's crass and has some language, don't watch it if your easily offended, it however may be worth a look. It shows some of the realities of the present day.

Besides the technology that is quickly eliminating what was once thought of as private moments, it's my view that there is also of course all eternity that is watching us from the other side of the veil. Our relatives, past and future. I think all the modern technology which makes our information more public and with less privacy is merely waking us up to the other realities. Perhaps those who have not yet been born as well as those who have died are able to observe us and learn from us. Much more of life might be what we would call 'public'. We're definitely not able to hide much and just may be performers of sorts. It's not just what we say now on our Facebook posts that's observable by others. Our character is on display too. It's always been observable. How great is our freedom to choose. To choose for ourselves what we think, say, write, do and focus on. Makes you wonder what kind of non visible company enjoys your company.

Interesting to think about. We're pretty accountable. It's not others that are responsible for our performance, it's us. No one else's performance is yours, each is unique since we are free to choose our behavior as well as our responses to life. (2 Nephi 32:9)

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