Thursday, March 24, 2011

Diversity of Spirits

The following are a few quotes from Brigham Young in the Journal of Discourses.

"Now understand all spirits came from God, and they came pure from his presence, and were put into earthly tabernacles, which were organized for that express purpose; and so the spirit and the body became a living soul. If these souls should live, according to the law of heaven, God ordained that they should become temples prepared to inherit all things. I wish you to understand that all spirits are pure when they are put into these tabernacles; but we have not time to explain or set before you the reasons of the variation in appearance in the mortal tabernacles. There are causes for it. Our spirits fill the tabernacles organized for them; the body is a habitation for the spirit to dwell in; and if the spirit and the body both agree in keeping all the laws and all the commandments that the Lord reveals unto that tabernacle it never shall be destroyed." (JD 6:291-292)

"We only understand in part why we are required to pass through those various incidents of life. There is not a single condition of life that is entirely unnecessary; there is not one hour's experience but what is beneficial to all those who make it there study, and aim to improve upon the experience they gain. What becomes a trial to one person is not noticed by another. Among these two thousand persons I am now addressing there cannot be found two that are organized alike, yet we all belong to the one great human family, have sprung from one source, and are organized to inherit eternal life. There are no two faces alike, no two persons tempered alike; we have come from different nations of the world, and have been raised in different climates, educated and traditioned in different and, in many instances, in opposite directions, hence we are tried with each other, and large drafts are made upon our patience, forbearance, charity, and good will - in short, upon all the higher and godlike qualities of our nature - .... "where can you find two human beings precisely alike in the organization of their bodies with the spirits?" (JD 9:292-293

"I conclude that there is as great a variety in the spiritual as there is in the temporal world, and I think that I am justified in my opinion." (JD 4:268-269)

These are interesting thoughts. No two people are alike and nor are their spirits. They are as varied as the physical part we physically see. Some wise, some noble, others with varying qualities.

We are all children of God but we need to become reborn here, born into a Family once more. Becoming and developing, acquiring divinity through the Holy Spirit and receiving light and truth.

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