Monday, June 14, 2010

Tests your not aware of

So I normally don't like watching TV, occasionally I'll watch for a few minutes. However today Kelsey pointed out a show that seriously caught my attention.

It was called "True Beauty". Contestants were told they are competing to be the "Face of Vegas" They go through various tests like public speaking, looks, smarts, interview skills, education etc. They get evaluated by peer groups as well as by the judges. However there is another test being simultaneously administered. It's one of inner beauty. The contestants do not know about this test. This test is done with things like cameras when the contestants don't think they are being watched.  It's done with actors pretending to be drunk as the contestants walk outside the hotel to go to their evaluation, (a test to see if they choose to stop the drunk from driving).  There are also hidden people watching to see how the contestants respond to criticism and other off camera behavior. Specific tests to "not peek at contents of envelopes" and then an unseen camera to see if they peak when the door is closed and they don't think anyone is watching.  These tests are based upon things related to character, how they really act.

Some contestants were disqualified for breaking pre-agreed upon rules. They said when told they were disqualified that they "gave into a little temptation", "a moment of weakness", they apologized and pleaded, but it wasn't going to work, the test was over.

I hope people realize life is a test. We've been told it is. After all is said and done the test is not "face of Earth" celebrity, or forms of pride and selfishness. All eternity is watching. Who knows how many "behind the scenes" actors are staged and at work each and every day. (Heb. 13: 2.) Our character is being tested. People are watching! We are the TV show the ABC network is imitating. Are we really good people? Only good on Sunday, only good when personally convenient or everyone plays nice with us? The test is not about who appears most religious, or who is popular, best looking, or amasses the most wealth. It's not if you can justify whatever is amiss in your life. What if the test is completely different? What if the test is how we treat people? What if the test is far more subtle and happening every minute?

We know how to pass the test. The scriptures are full of how God suggests we act.

But alas the test continues. It will reveal the truth. It will reveal you. Some will recognize the test, seek God in their life, clean up and pass, others may not. I pray anyone who reads this does.

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