Monday, June 7, 2010

Culturally induced blindness

Two Indians were sitting on a fence. We'll call them Indian 1 and Indian 2.

Indian 2 is the son of Indian 1. But Indian 1 is not the father. So what then is the relationship between the Indians?

Here is where you think for a while. If you can't get the answer look in the comment to this post

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  1. Hint: Don't read anything into the words. Just read the words.

    This is a good illustration of how blind we are, how we read our own ideas and preconceived notions into things and it blinds us.

    Indian 1 is Indian 2's mother. Mother - Son relationship.

    Nothing in question suggested anything about gender. We as readers read gender into it, and then wonder how we could miss an answer staring us in the face. :)