Sunday, May 16, 2010

The right way or the highway

This thing called wind correction angle in my pilot class the other day caught my eye. Sometimes when your flying there will be wind. The wind will blow you off course. But if you point the nose of the aircraft into the wind, (which oddly seems like it's pointing you away from where you wanted to go) you will actually be flying on a straight path on the ground. The difference between where your nose is pointed and the true course is the correction angle.

Some fun connections that came to mind: Following God, looking to the Lord, pointing our hearts and minds heavenward and following the instructions given may be viewed many different ways by others. Like your not pointed in the right direction according to other observers. Some may point a finger and mock your strange looking navigation. But if you follow the ground track, it actually lead you right where you wanted to go. You can't see the wind but if you follow the truth, your personal revelation, and heed light and truth regardless of who speaks it, you will be on course even though it may look wrong to other people. In fact being misaligned with the world or at odds with it can be a very good sign. The Holy Ghost leads a person to all truth according to Moroni. Pretty desirable destination if you ask me.

Here's a quote I loved by my friend Denver:

"Your individual path back to God will begin with following the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. At some point, however, you will find that individual service and obedience to God's will for you will create disharmony between you and others. Can't be avoided. If you're following Christ, you will find the same things He found. Helping someone in need will take you away from Church meetings on occasion. You can't make a list and keep it, because as soon as you do the list will interfere with loving God and loving your fellow man.

So the whole matter can be reduced to this: Follow Christ, receive the ordinances, accept the Holy Ghost, who will teach you all things you must do. Any list beyond that will inevitably result in conflicts and contradictions. "

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