Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Emotional Appeal or Truth?

I've watched a few "Mormon Messages" Lately on

There are a lot of emotional stories. Emotional appeal. Tears, and feelings tugging at the heart. Sometimes having to do with some kind of disability. Obviously the Gospel is going to apply to people who run the spectrum of emotions and the spectrum of life experiences. But using emotional appeal to illustrate or teach the Gospel doesn't sound right.

I read very few emotionally based stories in scriptures. There are emotions involved no doubt, but it almost distracts from the teaching when emotion is so strong. Seems like there is a pattern of less true solid doctrine taught, and more feelings/storytelling. Less bottom of the line truth, truth that saves, fundamental true doctrine that you can chew on for a few days. Something you have to ponder on to understand fully. Something with substance that changes you when you hear it. Something that motivates and is "meat" for the soul. Strangely the manuals at church are getting smaller.

An emotional story about overcoming is fine. Inspiring perhaps, but if all it provided was a temporary emotional surge of good feelings or a few tears, chances are that "inspiring" story doesn't result in any change of behavior. Christ brought much more to earth than emotional stories. Doctrine and truth changes people. You know it when you hear it. In the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ a "Mormom Message" seems would be leaps and bounds above "Chicken Soup for the Soul with a sprinkle of mormonism." My hope is to see more true doctrine that is unique from basic everyday religions commonalities.

My opinion anyway.

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  1. I absolutely agree. I Googled "Mormon Messages Emotional Appeal" to see if I was the only one. :)