Friday, May 14, 2010

Communication with the Tower

This post is going to be a fun one. I'm trying something new so I may not be very good at it. I'm going to use words from my profession, but I'm talking about a different topic.

In flight, weight, lift, thrust and drag are all opposing forces. The weight of the plane, the lift from the wings, thrust from the engine, and drag from a surface passing through the air. Yet together they make it so you can fly. A good pilot feels at one with his plane. They move as one. A good controller knows the airspace, the course, the Key words, signs, landmarks, the environment and tools to navigate through time, space and distance to the final destination.

Over the radio you can't see the person your talking to (unless you go see them). If you don't listen you'll likely end up in disaster and assuredly astray. When your ID is read, you know the instruction is to you. You can often hear instructions given to others but they are not addressed to you. For you to navigate successfully you need to receive, and follow the messages that are to you.

A procedure, clearance, directions, information etc are given over the radio verbally, through light signals, or hand gestures. The pilot then reads back (or signals back) the message to verify understanding, which he then implements in flight. The key words are designed to trigger thoughts, actions, and a entire framework of understanding inside both the pilot and controller on the other end.

There are times when a pilot will be in a "holding pattern" A pattern of circling around a fix, it's in a section of airspace that is safe and acceptable until further instructions are received. Running out of gas circling however is a concern.

At the airport the arrival and departure both have a "gate". Interesting word. At the airport there is an employee there. In the Gospel, Christ is the keeper of the gate, and He does not employ a servant there. (2 Ne. 9: 41) What good news, the Lord is not distant and personally ministers. Therefore we should be following and looking to God, and expect the Lord to do and be where promised. Scripture tell us in Gods presence we can see as we are seen, and know as we are known, having received of God. How inspiring. How enjoyable it would then be to converse with, receive and follow.

It is only through the Lord, that one has access. To whom else then would we go given He has the truth? Him who knows the course, knows the errant paths, incorrect choices, wrong directions, endless holding patterns, and adverse weather. He knows just what to say, do and become. He knows the way back, knows what direction to point which will compensate for adverse storms. Having made the course, and experienced unjustly all the errors and sins, He is the only one who knows enough, is trustworthy, worthy and faithful to call your name, and guide you home, to both see and know.

We should communicate with Him, receive and follow the instructions and experience the joy of the Lord.

Some fun thoughts I had.


  1. Hi Taylor,

    This is a fascinating post with so many perspectives to ponder.One phrase took me back to my young mother days:

    "You can often hear instructions given to others but they are not addressed to you. For you to navigate successfully you need to receive, and follow the messages that are to you."

    I used to listen to General Conference as a young mother with 4 children under 6 and two teenage foster children and go into a funk after hearing all the "shoulds and musts" regarding topics as diverse as service, genealogy, and missionary work. (I understand that the same funk overtakes many women after Education Week.)

    Anyhow, I finally told the Lord that I would listen to Conference, but I expected Him to let me know only which one or two things I needed most to work on and I would put the others on a shelf.

    He kindly obliged me and I started to enjoy Conference a LOT more.And my spiritual progress was greatly enhanced.

    Also,I have a question I need to ask you about. Could you email me at I'd appreciate it!

  2. Yes, thanks for sharing that! Taking 1 or 2 things, working closely with the Lord as to what is intended for you and the process is less "funk"y. :)

    Just sent you an e-mail. Look forward to hearing from you!