Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Seeing Perfection

Had a moment of "perfect" the other day.  It wasn't anything out of the ordinary and nothing that would have drawn any interest from anyone else.  But for me it was a moment that didn't have anything about it I would have changed even if I could have.

The details are not important and might only be distracting so I don't share hardly any.  Basically I was chatting with my wife after our kids had gone to sleep.  The challenges of life, a lot of young kids, two of them having arrived together was weighing on me.  The conversation was full of mutual caring, love, and seemed almost timeless.  She said a few things that created a balance so perfect it brought a slice of heaven into the room.  The way she viewed the world and the way I was viewing the world were very different but when both were side by side the universe came to a momentary balance point so thin had there been any slight distractions it would have passed by unnoticed. 

In that thin slice of perfection it was clear only God could have orchestrated a balance of personality between she and I, and a set of circumstances that allowed His hand to be clearly visible. Only God could bring actual harmony amidst the seeming lack of harmony of life.  I found peace. God's hand seems invisible sometimes but yet we are told in scripture it permeates everything.  I accept that as an accurate description of the hidden reality.  The extraordinary really is in the ordinary.

It was a perfect moment, and in that moment things were perfect. I lack the words to describe it.  I guess it's what an eastern philosophy might say: "There's perfection in the seeming imperfection." I guess like imperfect looking or colored threads can be crafted into a beautiful tapestry.  And I'm not talking about anything cheesy or sentimental.  It's instead substance, it's intelligence, it's light.  It’s love unlike anything else.  But I'm not able to express it.

No wonder God warns against idolatry.  It's in our best interest not to do that stuff but instead find and follow Him and His voice wherever found.

The intelligence and love reflected in that slice of perfection was humbling.  If that's a slice of heaven then no wonder mankind and scripture speak of it as a place of love and intelligence far beyond anything we find here on this earth.  And yet, a portion can enter this world.  That moment was proof.  At least for me.

In that perfect moment I had to admit that it has not been God who has failed to furnish evidence or answers.  It has been me that failed to see them, unable to see His perfection amidst the imperfection.

I stand all amazed.

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